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Sixth Week of Easter 2021


Sunday 9 May:      9.30am Mass (SJ);  11am Mass (SB)
Mon 10 May:         7pm Mass (SJ)
Tues 11 May:         9.30am Mass (SB)
Wed 12 May:         9am Exposition & Adoration; 9.30am Mass (SJ)
Thurs 13 May:       9.30am Mass (SB); 6pm Mass (SJ)  - The Ascension of the Lord
Frid 14 May:          No Mass Today - St Matthias
Saturday 15 May: 11am Exposition & Adoration followed by Benediction (SJ)
                                    9.30am Mass (SJ)


Fr Michael Cooke, 29/05/2012