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Ordinary Time wk18 (338.4KB) 29/07/2021
Ordinary Time wk17a (327.7KB) 22/07/2021
Ordinary Time wk16 (429.3KB) 15/07/2021
Ordinary Time wk14 and 15a (500.5KB) 01/07/2021
Ordinary Time wk13a (427.2KB) 24/06/2021
Ordinary Time wk12 (510.5KB) 17/06/2021
Ordinary Time wk11 (382.7KB) 10/06/2021
Most holy Body & Blood B (305.9KB) 03/06/2021
Trinity Sunday B (327.4KB) 27/05/2021
Pentecost Bv2 (419.3KB) 20/05/2021
Pentecost Bv2 (419.3KB) 20/05/2021
Easter Week 7 (323.9KB) 13/05/2021