Parish Newsletter archive 2012

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15th January 2012 - 6th January 2013

HolyFamilyEpiphany-30thDec2012 Advent4-23rdDecember2012 Advent3-16thDecember2012
30th December 2012 & 6th January 2013
The Holy Family & The Epiphany of the Lord
23rd December 2012
Fourth Sunday of Advent
16th December 2012
Third Sunday of Advent
Advent2-9thDecember2012 Advent1-2ndDecember2012 ChristTheKing-25thNovember2012
9th December 2012
Second Sunday of Advent
2nd December 2012
First Sunday of Advent
25th November 2012
Our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King
Newsletter-OT33-18thNovember20 Newsletter-OT32-11thNovember20 Newsletter-OT31-4thNovember201
18th November 2012
Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
11th November 2012
Thirty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
4th November 2012
Thirty First Sunday in Ordinary Time
Newsletter-OT30-23rdOctober201 Newsletter-OT29-21stOctober201 Newsletter-OT28-14thOctober201
28th October 2012
Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
21st October 2012
Twenty Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
14th October 2012
Twenty Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Newsletter-OT27-7thOctober2012  Newsletter-OT26-30thSeptember2  Newsletter-OT2425-16thSeptembe
7th October 2012
Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
30th September 2012
Twenty Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
16th September 2012
Twenty Fourth and Twenty Fifth Sundays in Ordinary Time
Newsletter-OT23-9thSeptember20  Newsletter-OT22-2ndSeptember20  Newsletter-OT2021-19-26thAugus
9th September 2012
Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
2nd September 2012
Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
19th August & 26th August 2012
Twentieth and Twenty-First Sundays in Ordinary Time
Newsletter-OT19-12thAugust2012 Newsletter-OT1718-29thJuly2012 Newsletter-OT16-22ndJuly2012
12th August 2012
Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Newsletter-OT15-15thJuly2012  Newsletter-OT14-8thJuly2012  Newsletter-OT13-1stJuly2012
15th July 2012
Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Birth of SJB-24thJune2012 Newsletter-OT11-17thJune2012 CorpusChristi-10thJune2012
Trinity-3rdJune2012  Pentecost-27thMay2012  Ascension-20thMay2012
Easter6-13thMay2012  Easter5-6thMay2012  Easter4-29thApril2012
Easter3-22ndApril2012  Easter2-15thApril2012  EasterSunday-8thApril2012
PalmSunday-1stApril2012  Newsletter-Lent5-25thMarch2012  Newsletter-Lent4-18thMarch2012
Newsletter-Lent3-11thMarch2012 Newsletter-Lent2-4thMarch2012 Newsletter-Lent1-26thFebruary2
Newsletter-OT07-19thFebruary20 Newsletter-OT06-12thFebruary20 Newsletter-OT05-5thFebruary201
Newsletter-OT04-29thJanuary201 Newsletter-OT03-22ndJanuary201 Newsletter-OT02-15thJanuary201
22nd January 2012
Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
15th January 2012
Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
James Proctor, 21/01/2013