Parish Celebration Weekend

40 years of St Brendan’s parish
50 years of St John’s parish

Next weekend we are holding our celebrations to mark these two significant anniversaries.

Celebration Evening: We have a variety concert and buffet meal at Thornleigh Salesian College beginning at 7.30pm on Friday. Tickets still available (£10).

Mass for the Sick and Housebound: Saturday 11.30am at St John's. This has been an annual event in St John’s and it was thought appropriate to move it to this particular weekend for this year and open it to both parishes. It is an opportunity to include in our celebrations those who may not normally be able to attend church, many of whom may well have been parishioners for a long time. Refreshments will be served after the Mass.

Celebration Masses: All of our Masses next weekend will be “celebration” Masses, marking these special occasions in the life of our parishes. Children from both primary schools will form a special choir to sing the hymns at the 6.30pm Mass on Saturday and the 11.15am on Sunday.

Celebration Collection: It has been suggested that we have a special collection next weekend for our parish funds. Although we have a lot of special collections, they are mainly for groups or causes outside the parishes. This would be a way of marking the occasion and putting something into our reserves for the future of our parishes.

Please come and celebrate with us
Fr Michael Cooke, 12/09/2011