Activities this Week

Sunday Cycle A; Weekday Cycle 2; Divine Office Week 2

Sunday 18 October             9.30am Mass (SJ); 11am Mass (SB) (Please contact us for attendance at these                                                                                                 Masses)
Monday 19 October            7pm Mass (SJ)  

Tuesday 20 October             9.30am Mass (SB) 
                                              11am Private Requiem Mass for (Mary) Kathleen Edge (SJ)

Wednesday 21 October        9.30am Mass (SJ) - St Simon & St Jude


Thursday 22 October            9.30am Mass (SB) 


Friday 23 October                 Churches Closed 


Saturday 24 October          11am Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (SJ)
                                             11.30am Mass (SJ)










Catherine Grundy, 16/07/2020